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This is an attempt to make an article (taken from a German magazine called 'Eclipsed' written by Thorsten Pöttger) available to more people than just Germans. I like to urge the reader to take the contents with caution. This interview is a translation of a translation and the likelihood that Michael Sadler never said anything like this is probably high. I'm not saying that the contents of the article are wrong, I just want to ask you to consider that in the process of translation information could have been lost or changed. Under no circumstance is this material suitable for quotations.

Saga - Full House

If -in this fast moving music business- a rock band can build on a faithful audience for a quarter of a century that's a reason to celebrate.This also was the case in Bonn at Saga's anniversary concert.The charismatic front man Michael Sadler talks rather about the future than the past because the group wants to get into the DVD business:

"Before long an anthology called "Silhouette" will be released, a retrospective with old and new videos, live gigs and interviews. And then there will be a live DVD which we have filmed at the concert in Bonn. This will be released in the summer next year together with material from Samoa(sic) and Toronto."

Questions regarding a rumour that the band could break up can be spared. Saga still have fun which is of prime importance for Michael Sadler. That the Canadian music export brand name didn't forget it's roots shows in the fact that Saga have arranged their anniversary concert in Germany. Their singer is quite aware of a special relationship between Saga and the German fans but has no idea why the band is particularly in Germany so popular:

"In the Internet fans from all over the world show up but we have chosen Germany because we had there, besides Puerto Rico, our first fans. I can't see any correlation between the German public and the one from Puerto Rico. It's weird that the first main listeners came from these two countries."

Saga won't (yet) go on a long tour as they did on the occasion of their 20th anniversary:

"We wait with a long tour for the new album call "Marathon". Shortly after it is released in February we'll start our tour but for the 25th birthday we had decided only to play one concert."

With the new album Saga will most likely proceed in the way they have -so to speak- rediscovered with "Full Circle" and "House Of Cards":

"It will resume the direction of the last two albums. Though on every record there is a little new influence which I can't describe; probably individual impressions of each of us after every album, but from what I've heard, I would say that the new material is really almost on the same track."

At the same time the plot of the so called 'chapters' is continued:

"The story is not finished yet, there will be two more chapters on the Marathon. It is possible that we maybe produce an animated film or a cartoon book in which the story will be explained. So far we have been careful with the story and we will continue this way until the chapters are complete."

On the occasion of a birthday party it must be allowed a look back and ask the singer for his most beautiful memory of the longlasting history of Saga:

"Oh, my god! That's not fair! (laughing) Regarding the aspect 'live'; one of my special memories is "Rock am Ring". We were added to the billing at the last minute and I think there was about 75,000 people there. We played after Elton John and we were very nervous. While Elton John played on one stage, our crew set up the equipment on the other one. When Elton John had finished his last song people started to chant 'Saga' and to move in the direction of the second stage while he still hadn't left. When we started the reaction of the audience was phenomenal, an overwhelming feeling! This one evening particularly remains in my memory."

May there be plenty more of such memories!
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