Bielefeld, 15th of march 2003

Bielefeld, 15th of march 2003

Beitragvon Aldo » Fr Mai 02, 2003 11:32 pm

Dear Sagarians,

here is my review of the great Saga show in Bielefeld.

Many very special thanks to Uschi for translating!!! :P

Bielefeld review

The PC69 is a discotheque close to Bielefeld city centre. From the size it
is comparable to the E-Werk in Cologne.We arrived around 7 pm. They didn't
stick to the previously announced time for admission though. So we were
waiting together with some other long-standing fans till 7.15 pm. Then
everything went very quick. Taking a look around, fetching drinks....
Meanwhile the room is filling with people. At 19.40 pm the first sounds of
A.C.T. They played the same set as they did in Cologne.... 'Wailing from a
building', 'Mr. Landlord', 'Take it easy', 'Cat eyes'..... everything was
there...almost...! Much to my regret 'Biggest Mistake' was missing. Well,
that's my absolute favourite one... one can't please everyone....

A.C.T were creating a good atmosphere and were very well received.

The, to begin with sceptical because ignorant, audience came quickly under
A.C.T's spell. And thus A.C.T was celebrated when they left stage around
20.30 pm....

Slowly the discotheque was filled.Unfortunately the concert was only to two
thirds sold out. Pity, as this concert too was recorded for the future
Chapters CD.

At 20.40 pm Ray Wilson entered stage. He was in a very good mood and
revealed some secrets from the times with Genesis....He played well known
Genesis classics like 'Mama', 'Carpet Crawlers', the Phil Collins hit 'In
the air tonight' and also some of his own songs. Ray Wilson got very serious
when he introduced the title song of his new CD 'Change'. He said that his
life had changed significantly and that he hadn't felt like making music for
a long period of time though that had changed again.... Thank you, Ray, that
's great. He too was enthusiastically celebrated. The climax came with
'Carpet Crawlers'. Michael Sadler joins him for the second verse on stage.
Both are singing together... It is sooooo fantastic... And it was completely
quiet in the hall. After his performance Ray Wilson was making contact with
fans at the merchandice kiosk, giving autographs, talking with people... a
star without airs and graces. Ray goes on tour in autumn and I go to see
Ray...with pleasure.

It's 21.35 pm when the intro to Marathon begins...

There they are..... our guys. People react first hesitantly.

The sound is clear but a little too quiet... That changes with the second
song 'On the loose'. From then on the audience can't be stopped anymore.
After 'On the loose' a short welcoming before with 'The Flyer' the next hit
follows. It goes on in rapid succession....'Careful where you step', 'How
are you' and 'The one' are following.

The next absolute highlight is 'Mouse in a maze'. I only can hope that this
song can be found on the next album....People got carried away...were over
the moon. No-one has expected this classic....though I did, and I have to
say after Cologne and Speyer that in Bielefeld absolute perfection has been
reached. Gigantic, phenomenal.....

Following a short break Michael announces the Chapters. He told us of the
plans for the Chapters Live CD and that today the second set (9-16) would be
played. I hadn't expected this... but after two times set 1 it was a welcome

Michael made it clear that this was a recording and asked for the support of
the audience. And support was what he got...

There followed Chapter 9-16. This time unbelievable: Jim Gilmour....the
pleasure of playing which Daryl displayed....unearthly. I'd like to mention
particularly the intro to Chapter 10 'Not this way'. He mixed it with the
melody of Chapter 16 'Worlds Apart'. That was well received. Also stunning
was the transition from Chapter 14 'Streets of gold' to Chapter 15 'We'll
meet again'.

After the perfectly played Chapters we were treated to 'Humble Stance', You'
re Not Alone' and 'Don't Be Late'. At 11.15 pm the goodbyes follow. Wild
applause. Shouts for an encore come already while the guys are still on
stage. 'Wind Him Up' and 'See Them Smile' were crowning the evening....

Well, almost. In other halls they gave 3 songs as an encore. I would have
loved to hear another classic.... but one can't have everything .... though
yesterday we have been damn close to it....

Here now is the complete set list:

1. Intro (Briefcase)

2. Marathon

3. On The Loose

4. The Flyer

5. Careful Where You step

6. How Are You

7. The one

8. Mouse In A Maze

9. Remember When (Chapter 9)

10. Not This Way (Chapter 10)

11. Ashes To Ashes (Chapter 11)

12. You Know, I know (Chapter 12)

13. Uncle Albert's Eyes (Chapter 13)

14. Streets Of Gold (Chapter 14)

15. We'll Meet Again (Chapter 15)

16. Worlds Apart (Chapter 16)

17. Humble Stance

18. You're Not Alone

19. Don't Be Late


20. Wind Him Up

21. See Them Smile
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