How do you found the sound at the concerts ?

How do you found the sound at the concerts ?

Beitragvon wegebakira » So Mai 03, 2009 10:45 am

I would be interested to know, how other fans found the sound at the concerts they have seen. I was in Speyer and found it absolutely too loud. OK the location was not perfect for a " cristall clear" sound, but I think it does not have to be that loud. Unfortunately also during the last tours I made the same experience. Saga goes Motorhead ???
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Beitragvon legins5 » So Mai 03, 2009 6:42 pm

I cannot answer this obviously,being in the UK,but it does remind me of....The great 'Marathon' show at the Mean Fiddler in London in 2003...During the course of the show I had made my way to the front and to the extreme left.I had Jim.C. right in front of me and the main PA speaker about 2 feet away to my left...Being a little 'worse for ware' on grog I stupidly put my left ear no more that about a foot away from the PA for about 2 songs for my own little private I was playing a CD but the band were actually playing live for me..LOL...........I WAS DEAF IN THAT EAR FOR ABOUT A WEEK AFTERWARDS...LLLOOOLLL............But it was worth it!!!!!!!!! :D
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Beitragvon dmeehan » Fr Mai 08, 2009 1:43 am

I do know that the guitars were tuned to perfection!
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Beitragvon Kabi225 » Fr Mai 08, 2009 10:16 am

Many countries/cities/venues have volume restrictions nowadays (usually around 105dB, sometimes even less than that) which probably leads to two things. If there is *no* such restriction, the sound engineers tend to "enjoy themselves" for a change AND the audience experiences this even louder as they've got used to the quieter shows they've been to. Just a thought......
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Beitragvon SAGA-NORWAY » Fr Mai 08, 2009 10:42 am

dmeehan hat geschrieben:I do know that the guitars were tuned to perfection!

Wonder how you know that.... lol
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Beitragvon JoGraf » Mi Mai 20, 2009 7:10 am

Yes, SAGA goes Motorhead. Thats what I thought at the concert in Schweinfurt.
It was my 5. and I think last SAGA Concert.
It was terribly loud. The Intro was great (Human Condition), but after the Guitar starts it was to much noise. Where are the wonderful slower and quiter Saga Tunes?
They played some Classic Songs like On the Loose and totally new ones, but there was no song between 1983 and 2000 played at that concert. And they called ist very best of Tour... That was not very best !!!

Moratti is great and he sings old song perfectly. I think he is a really good choice. But the loud sound and bad title choice made the concert booring me. If I go to Saga I dont want to hear a Metal Band with keyboard... SAGA is more. I hoped to hear some Songs they didnt play in the last years like:
Security of Illusion, Giant, Odd man Out, Misbehaviour, the Cross, Heaven Can Wait, Pleasure And The Pain, Only Human, Rise & Shine, Ice Nice, Images.
These Songs I would call "very best of..."

There was not one song to recover in that show. No Keyboard solo and no Drum Solo.
Only one Rocksong after the other. The old songs where put between to calm down the old fans, but it seemes to me that SAGA only likes their new tunes...

And they played only 90 Minutes. We went to the show at 20:00 and wait until 21:00. Then a german band played until 21:45 and we wait again. at 22:00 SAGA start to play and my feet started to hurt me... and then they went after 90 Minutes... Are they so old that they cant play longer?

So for the future I can say. Moratti is the right Singer, but they should use more keyboards or the old fans would break away. And there where no younger Fans on the Concert in Schweinfurt who wanted Hard Rock....
That is the totaly wrong Direction.

But of course my taste is not the typically SAGA fans taste? Because I like Generation 13 very much. It was the most courageous SAGA Album ever...

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Beitragvon danny » Mi Mai 20, 2009 7:28 am

JoGraf hat geschrieben: And they called ist very best of Tour...
Afaik it´s called "The Human Condition Tour"...
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Beitragvon kuschelhawk » Mi Mai 20, 2009 8:30 am

danny hat geschrieben:
JoGraf hat geschrieben: And they called ist very best of Tour...
Afaik it´s called "The Human Condition Tour"...
Danny, on the directly-bought tickets (NOT via eventim) there stood: "the very best of" !

For myself, I heard the sound as optimal, and I stood 2nd row in the middle of the venue. It was really clear, loud - but not to loud, and absolutely perfect. The songs ... o.k., the set was short, but I think it was a good mix. And perhaps - they play "all the old shit" :rofl: at the next tour ... ;)
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Beitragvon MichaelNoi » Mi Mai 20, 2009 8:55 am

I do not agree with JoGraf.

I attended the Saga concert in Schweinfurt as well.
I have to say, the sound was excellent, I stood near the FOH Konsole.
Maybe the sound at the front row is less good, but that´s always the destiny of the front row.

I also think that the mix of new and old songs was good, I did not feel, that the guys only liked their new songs.

There were young people inside the concert. I´ve seen all ages there.

Of course everybody has his own personal favourite songs, but songs like :
"Security of Illusion, Giant, Odd man Out, Misbehaviour, the Cross, Heaven Can Wait, Pleasure And The Pain, Only Human, Rise & Shine, Ice Nice," are not all in the Bestoff -list.

Saga could play 3 days to do all their great songs in one concert, so a choice has to be done before a Tour, that´s not so easy I think.

The major point for this Tour was, to introduce Rob to the fans.
I think, that´s the reason, too for a 90 minutes Concert.
I´m sure there will be more songs next time.

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Beitragvon Norbert » Mi Mai 20, 2009 9:39 am

Michael, I have to agree with you !
SAGA has so much great songs on board, you can`t pack them in one show.
And - there are many fans who prefer listening to the new songs - so what shall they do ?
Greetings from Nürnberg !!
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Beitragvon Trudes Oude Voshaar » Mi Mai 20, 2009 10:01 am

In Uden and Apeldoorn both, the sound was excellent!
In Apeldoorn the song Don't be Late sounded phenomenal!!
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But why 90 Minutes

Beitragvon JoGraf » Do Mai 28, 2009 6:49 am

OK I see - everyone has its own taste...

But why only 90 Minutes and no Drum or Keyboard solo as in older shows?
If they wanted to make it short because of Rob (learning not so much songs in that short time) a drum solo would be perfect to make the show a little bit longer, And the same for a Keyboard solo. Last Tour Gilmour played about 10 Minutes Solo...

I think Solos make a concert a little bit special. And that time it was one song after the other for 90 Minutes and then turn the light on....
I think you are right that SAGA has so much "very Best" Songs that they could play 3 days... but then i have to ask why not play 150 Minutes like most other Bands I know... And I dont talk about "old shit..." I´m not the Saga Fan with worlds apart CD and nothing else... They ignored 20 Years of Saga History in a "very best of" Tour. And they called it "very best" and not "human Condition" in Schweinfurt...

I think they could do it a lot better...
But once again: Moratti is really great and i hope the future will bring us a lot more Saga stuff...

And the Sound of the Guitar was not good. We were behind the Mixer and we were 5 Saga fans and all said the same. In the Moments without Guitar the Sound was perfect, but not while Guitar play. But of Course the hall was to small for SAGA Equipment and it sounds better in other citys...
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