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In response to Sagalady: Having read the review by Sheet of Glass, I origianly had nothing to add.
Now I will add that having listened to Corckentellis from the cd and seen it performed a couple of times it is an amazing number. What the band has done to the title since recording it is awesome. There is so much more to it. The lightening fast playing is amazing. The drums seemed to have so much more going on. Everyones playing was way above par I thought. It did seem as though the guys have brought more life to it. It's played different than the cd. The timing of the pauses and bang on comebacks were breathtaking. You know it's comming but it hits you right in the face. The changes to it are dramatic and such a great live number.
As well I loved the setlist. Something to mention is that Rob does have a lot of writing credits on this cd so he must have wanted to do some of the stuff he has helped create. With over 30 years of material it's gotta be tough deciding between what the fans expect and what Saga will enjoy playing. If they gave all the music the rework Corkentellis got we might not recoginse some.

I hope it was worth the wait for my reply.
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My apologies Harmonia..I meant to address my comments to Social Orphan. :oops:
Unfortunately I don't believe Saga could fill a 300 person venue here in the Detroit area, it's too bad because the Magic Bag is a very intimate setting.
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Beitragvon sheet of glass » Mo Sep 21, 2009 5:32 pm

Well said, Timmer. There was something magic and electrifying about Corkentellis. I was awestruck -- enough that I went back to the CD and listened to it several times. And I think it is fair to say that this was the general mood of the entire show. It was really quite something. Now let me put it in a slightly different way. Mystery, the backup band, came out and gave a really good show. However, the elder statesmen if you will, Saga, came out and showed them how to rock. I'm still in amazement at the energy level. This bodes well for the boyz in my book!
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