SAGA and "The Human Condition": A Review From A 16

SAGA and "The Human Condition": A Review From A 16

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SAGA, What can i say? they opened up my ears at the age of 4, when my Dad would heavily play in his car "Silent Knight", "Behavior" and the most recent (at the time) "Steel Umbrellas"
for this, i was introduced into the great wide open of music and what it is as an unstoppable force of expression. It was 2003 and i was beginning to research music on my own, at this point i began to re-visit the band that opened up my doors: "SAGA". With my research i discovered some shockingly great news...that SAGA had released albums on a constant basis all the way back to their conception in 1978. Thus, I decided to start my own SAGA Collection and ended up listening on a constant basis and owning every single SAGA album by the time Trust came out in 2006.

ever since, SAGA has been with me during the good times and the bad times...they are what's truly inspired me to write music and lyrics and just with life...and just like whoever reads this might believe they are totally under-rated.

My Dad and I have since shared the same passion for SAGA (my dad became a saga fan when he was in puerto rico during the 70's)

We were shocked just like everyone else, to hear that the overly talented and amazing Michael Sadler was leaving the band but respected his departure.

I was very curious of what Rob Morratti would do with SAGA and How his very diffrent yet original voice would change the band.

but...after listening to the album over 100 times, i can officially say that i accept Rob Morratti and can't get the new album out of my daily life.

my favorite track would have to be: "Now Is Now" but not one song on the album is lower than super-good, they are all fantastic.

It Feels Great to be the only kid in school to know who SAGA is and try to hook my friends up to it as well.

I do highly hope to go full circle someday and get to see the band in concert even if i have to fly to Puerto Rico.

Thank-You For Reading and I Just Thought I'd Share My Story With You...The Fans.
Saga Opened My Eyes To Music
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