Questions for the band

Questions for the band

Beitragvon Susi » Di Nov 09, 2004 7:38 pm

So friends, it's time again to dust of old albums and remember about all those things that came to your minds when you were listening to the music. Then jot down those questions so that we can ask them in Beverungen :)
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Beitragvon Ax Slinger » Mi Nov 10, 2004 10:37 am

I have one... Actually a suggestion and a question. :D

First the suggestion... I've noticed in their set lists and live recordings that they tend to play around 20 songs. My suggestion is that they have a contest where people could choose which 20 songs they would like to see played live from a list of every song they have, or a list of all the songs they are willing to play, where the one that gets the highest number of votes gets played last, the one with the second highest number of votes played second to last, going in reverse all the way back to the 20th least requested song being played first. Sort of a Fans Choice Saga Top 20 Show...

Now for the question... Would they please do a live DVD of this where they record a show from beginning to end, and not fade out at the end of every song? A continuous live show that looks like a live show, instead a collection of individual videos. Even if it's not really a continous live show from one venue. About two hours long would be nice also. It could be longer if they are feeling energetic. :lol:

If you could ask them that, I would appreciate it. I'd also be interested in what they have to say about this idea.
Ax Slinger
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Beitragvon Uschi » Mo Nov 22, 2004 3:03 pm

Ax, if you come in here these days you must think we went all crazy what pretty much sums it up :bg:

I read out your suggestion and your question. Your suggestion was greeted with approval as, according to Michael Sadler, they find it always difficult to make a choice for a setlist. Though they prefere to determine the sequence themselves.

Now to your question: YES, I personally hope for the Mannheim concert on this tour which shall be filmed.

All the questions asked and the responses have been captured on video. And in time Lars and I hope to make a transcript and then we'll publish it here.

And now you'll go and win the lottery so that we meet at the next meeting ;)
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