[2006] Sam the Record Man taping..........

[2006] Sam the Record Man taping..........

Beitragvon PGM » Sa Nov 25, 2006 6:54 pm

Some of you that attended the "Sam the Record Man" show may have noticed that the show was being taped professionally. The band was planning a major event around the podcast and future release of a bonus DVD of the show and events around the show (behind the scenes footage, interviews with fans, ect).

Unfortunately, the show has been heavily illegally distributed and we have had to reconsider these plans.
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Beitragvon Tillmann » Sa Nov 25, 2006 7:03 pm

:-? :-?

That sucks... :(

Becuase it would be good for the Worlds Apart DVD, a bonus show from Sam... :) :-?

Sad but True

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Beitragvon Adrian C » Sa Nov 25, 2006 7:21 pm

Very sad indeed. :cry:

One or two ruining it for loads.
The only way to stop this would appear to be search everyone before going in.
It's not over until it's over.
Adrian C
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Re: Sam the Record Man taping..........

Beitragvon peterkre » Sa Nov 25, 2006 9:17 pm

PGM hat geschrieben:Unfortunately, the show has been heavily illegally distributed and we have had to reconsider these plans.


excuse me, but i don't understand your objection. The quality of an illegal recorded concert can't be as perfect as professional material. Not to mention the above hinted background info's.
I think, the distibuted files are at most a teaser for an hopefully upcoming DVD. I understand the people, who want to keep their memories of an fantastic event as complete as possible. If i could, i would love it to record all my personal impressions and emotions during a SAGA concert. But that's sadly impossible ... Maybe in a few hundred years ;-)
And all of us, who couldn't attend it, are surely very curious about the party. So why reconsider the very good idea ? I would buy a DVD, if it's possible some day...
I prefer live events and recordings of them thousand times. So please stay on track and give us the opportunity to attend the trust party in spirit.

With best regards from Germany,

„Wichtig ist, dass man nicht aufhört zu fragen“
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Beitragvon Bertho » Sa Nov 25, 2006 10:09 pm

@ peterkre + PGM:

I'm totally with you! The band and management should think about their decision. I'm sure every diehard SAGA fan would appreciate it, if the 'Sam-Gig' including the mentioned extras would appear on a special DVD celebrating their 30th anniversary next year! We're living in a multimedia world and this will not change anymore. You'll always have illegal recordings, wherever you are. If that's a reason to step back from plans for live DVDs or CDs, then we will not see them in the stores anymore in the near future. Again, professional recording can't be substituted by amateur material!


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Beitragvon Ronster » Sa Nov 25, 2006 11:44 pm

If the band sells it, I will purchase it, plain and simple.

That being said, I humbly suggest that we be given an opportunity to legally purchase & download video/audio on iTunes or a similar venue. Distribution in that manner would also save you the costs involved with disc manufacturing/packaging/shipping.
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Beitragvon PGM » So Nov 26, 2006 1:14 am

The unfortunate reality is different. Back in May when Trust was released, it ended up illegally on a torrant. It was downloaded 3000 times in 2 days. It DID hurt sales and once we got it taken down sales picked up. Why do you think Sony, Universal and other companies are spending millions on anti-pirate software? Not to mention legal action against parties distributing pirated sound files.

It is fully understandable for someone to download a couple of songs, but the whole concert? Then someone is promoting artwork for a pirated DVD cover? This is just lunacy.

It was heavily promoted that we would be offering a podcast in the future.
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A Personal Fan Message to the Illegal Downloader...

Beitragvon Puujisan » So Nov 26, 2006 2:32 am

I'm 10000000% with the management on this one.

What kind of SAGA "fan" illegally tapes an ENTIRE concert that SAGA has graciously put on for FREE? Especially when they are trying to get their music out to the general public?!!
Appealling to the argument that "everyone does it" is really WEAK too. Yeah, it happens alot, but it still isn't justification. When did open, flagrant copyright abuse become justifiable? When it became EASY? That's even lamer! If it is EASY it is OK to do? Since when did "EASY" become our new guiding light?

To the guy that did this:

No big deal, eh? It is just too difficult to restrain your desire to consume as much cultural material as possible for free at the expense of the band? Ever heard of causality or karma?
You reap what you sow, and this act is going to come back to haunt you in a different form at a different time. :box:

I can't stop you from doing this, but at least I can control myself: I will refuse to download it and will only "consume" SAGA's music and SAGA related materials through official channels in a manner that benefits the band.

I may be a single candle in the illegal downloading darkness, but that's what I am willing to be if it means SAGA lives to see another day...
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Beitragvon roxy13 » So Nov 26, 2006 2:50 am

I´m sorry to hear your news :cry: !! I admit that I did download a few songs of this concert when I found it :oops: ...but I have EVERY intention of purchasing any legal DVD/CD coming out!!! I would never have dreamt of doing this if I´d known it wasn´t OK!!! :o
Call me naive but I thought that the people in charge of this forum would delete things that isn´t OK...yet again I suppose that isn´t how it works. I´m not very familiar with forums and computing...

I do hope you will reconcider your desition, as I know that all the fans are looking forward to seeing this show!! :roll: And buying it!!
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Beitragvon Oliver.Lucas » So Nov 26, 2006 10:08 am

All I can say to the management is:
I would buy the DVD.
Mein Lieblingstier isst Ameisen
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Beitragvon Adrian C » So Nov 26, 2006 11:36 am

I have been unable to find these files. Thankfully i am rubbish on the Pc so that sort of takes me out of this arguement I suppose.

I will say that any illegal copying hurts all bands.
I understand that the band were making it available for all and to say no now hurts us the fans. I will buy it .

One small gripe aimed at the management though is that the online store has been promised for ages and still not up.
No doubt this takes a little while to set up but will only benefit the band and us fans who can't,sadly ,get to certain shows.
If we can't get hold of official gear then surely this encourages the above.
I have seen unofficial t shirts for sale. Not bought one I hasten to add and won't.
Can we have a shop open please?
A certain other Canadian band have an amazing online store.
Superb items and the postage is great. I know that they probably have greater resources available to them but if they can do it ??
It's not over until it's over.
Adrian C
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Beitragvon Frank Aufmoog » So Nov 26, 2006 2:11 pm

Back in the eighties you could find illegal tapes from nearly every concert here. I knew a guy who had a mic installed in his hat and a walkman in the trouser. Maybe we will see in the near future handys that can tape and film a whole show in a reasonable quality. I know there is no easy answer because the band has to live from their work and the right to be paid for what they are doing. But as long as an official dvd is at higher quality as an illegal copy, the fans will always buy it. Also there is everytime the risk that someone puts it on a torrent.
Frank Aufmoog
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Beitragvon Bertho » So Nov 26, 2006 4:00 pm

@ Puujisan

Illegal stays illegal, I'm with you so far. But it's a fact, that this happened in the 'analog aera', too. Well, this doesn't make it any better, but the industrie has to find ways to offer better products to beat these unscrupulous peole - that's quality and a good selection of exclusive material which can't be provided by illegal recordings. Again, it doesn't make it any better, but you'll never be able to avoid this totally. I agree, that pure audio CDs are tougher to defend. But I couldn't understand the removal of the BB King sound files, since this was a public broadcast! Plus it was a 192kb/s quality only! Not totally bad, but still no CD quality. So, if this concert will be sold as a regular CD I'll go and buy it! Same with the 'sam' show!

BTW, what I don't buy is, that you never used any copy, and if it only was provided by a friend...

But OK, I too think the bands should get the benefits!!! Making the personal decision not to download /copy illegeally is the first step!!!
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Beitragvon Sagajay » So Nov 26, 2006 5:46 pm

Here's my two cents on the matter!
weveryone has something to complain about but the fact is that as fans we always buy the real material even if we get a boot or a illegal download.
When it comes to concerts this will always make it out there's no going around it.
The best management could do is make sure that any material that is offer to us accully makes it out.
I'm sure i speak for a lot of us when i say i'm are tired of promises, How long we always have to wait for cds and dvd not to mention merchandise.
Mean while as fans whatever we could get our hands on, You know we will get.
i have every single cd plus albums dvd tapes no matter how many boot i get or fans dvd
i will always get the real materiel remember nothing beat the real thing.
ps how about opening the store let's stop all this excuses.............
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Beitragvon Puujisan » So Nov 26, 2006 6:07 pm

Keep in mind that these VERY unscrupulous people will ALSO rip/post the professional DVD too. It's not like they will stop at the official material! If you allow this kind of thing to go on it will go on. If you make a cheap version of a tour shirt, and say that it doesn't hurt the band because obviously the real tour shirts look better, that's still an ILLEGAL copy and hurts the band in the long run.

Of course analogue pirating happened. And it was illegal then too. What we musicians face now is the pirates ability to mass produce and distribute the material WORLDWIDE in SECONDS. A few tapes wandering around still hurts the band, but the instananeous downloading of millions of files? Think about it.

So the store isn't open? So what. That has nothing to do with the problem. Impatience doesn't justify crime. You can't wait a couple of months for a T-shirt?

The show was put on for free, there was no security check for cameras, etc, as the band allowed photography and videophone recording. This was a promo event, so obviously the management wants the word out and fan presence on the Net. BUT Is this REALLY justification for putting the entire thing online? Is it UNFAIR that SAGA is touring Germany and we fans here in Toronto have to wait for them to come back? We MUST have access to everything SAGA does ?

That's the ENTIRE point. The fans in Germany pay their ticket money and get to see SAGA. It's a show for them, and only them. I have NO right to that show unless I buy a copy of it from the band, if they choose to market/sell it.

I still hold to my original position. I am buying official SAGA materials, no matter how slow the service...

I like to think that by doing so I can help guarantee little "Susie" Critchton or little "Danny" Sadler can go to college, and afford tuition because I didn't support the illegal download trade! :angel:
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