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Beste allen,

Na jarenlange research, is het dan toch eindelijk gelukt; mijn SAGA biografie is uit!
In het Engels en op 176 pagina's!

Hieronder het officiele persbericht.

Met groeten vanuit amsterdam,


By Edwin Ammerlaan,
Language: English, Pages: 176 (including pictures), Price: 19.95 euro
ISBN: 978-90-9023025-2

How to order:

The SAGA Biography traces the band’s history over the last three decades; from the pre-SAGA days with Truck and Fludd in the early seventies, ‘till the departure of singer Michael Sadler in December 2007. The members of SAGA have approved of this project and, in an effort to ensure factual correctness, they read the book prior to release.

“Thirty years is a long time in the life of a band and as you can imagine there are many twists and turns that the long road brings! There were a lot of happy times as well as some not so happy times and Edwins account of these are entertaining as well as enlightening for anyone who wants to go down that road or fans wanting to learn some of the inner workings of SAGA and the members. You won’t put it down!”

Edwin Ammerlaan is an Amsterdam based journalist who has contributed articles to various Dutch rock magazines since 1986. He has spent many years researching and writing this definitive book on SAGA’s history. Along the way, he has carried out extensive and detailed interviews with current and former band members (Michael Sadler, Ian Crichton, Jim Crichton, Jim Gilmour, Steve Negus, Brian Doerner, Christian Simpson, Greg Chadd), album producers and engineers (Paul Gross, Rupert Hine, Andi Charal), management personnel and various musicians.
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