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Aschaffenburg setlist

BeitragVerfasst: Di Nov 28, 2006 12:44 pm
von Kabi225
Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal 27/11/06

That's As Far As I Will Go
Wind Him Up
Time's Up
The Perfectionist
You're Not Alone
On The Loose
Scratching The Surface
The One
The Flyer
I'm OK
You And The Night
Ice Nice
Humble Stance
Don't Be Late
Careful Where You Step
See Them Smile

Same songs as Essen but completely (!!) different order.
Great show and good sound [although I seriously thought Phébus *sounded* (even) better]
Enjoyed the Phébus set a lot, too. The singer has a great voice [which, however, may not be everybody's cup of tea]
Now I'll have to decide whether I'm going to Herxheim on Saturday.... time will tell....

(who only posts here after he's been to a concert)

BeitragVerfasst: Di Nov 28, 2006 12:58 pm
von Axi
Great setlist !
That looks good for today evening !!! :sing: