Beitragvon avalon04 » Sa Dez 23, 2006 5:42 pm

kuschelhawk hat geschrieben:... thx dmeehan for this statement :wink:

Yes I'd like to thank you too.
You had safed my xmas :lol:
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Beitragvon Axi » So Dez 24, 2006 2:08 pm

Chris hat geschrieben:In my opinion it's necesary to discuss this in public.
Maybe it is food for some people's thought here on the board.

It is fact that the Fan-Shirt people cause a stir due to the fact that they are a huge number of people. So an outsider can feel deterred, just as one is not very self-confident.
As I brought one of my collegues to a Saga Show two years ago, she asked my if she maybe could be undesired, because she does not belong to our "club". She felt like a "foreign matter". Only to mention that this lady saw more Saga shows in her life than most of the frontrow people.

And now it happened that someone "new" wanted to stand in the front, but - shoulder to shoulder - a wall was built. Indeed not very polite.
You maybe should keep in your mind, that the Fan-Shirt people are implicated with the band. We can be shure that our misbehaviour will cast a damning light on Saga.
And the last thing we need is to scare away Saga Fans.
Oh ... come on ! So it is not any longer allowed to wear shirts that shows to whom I belong, or were my heart is ?
And ... they are friends with the same shirt and of course they want to stay together at such a concert.
If you are going to that concert with five of your friends, you will also stay together with them and watching the show, even if you are wearing the same shirt or not. You will stay there with your friends and don't want to have somebody in between. Correct ?

At Lübeck I was with five of my friends. We were not wearing the same shirts (but three of us SAGA shirts) and we were standing together in one row (not the front, but the third row). Are we now bad people, because no other guy was standing in between ?

Just think about that !
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Beitragvon Susi » So Dez 24, 2006 7:36 pm

I think we should close this topic now.

I don't want to censor, I just feel that all of us are having problems with this "hot potato".
I'm still sure that most things just have been gotten wrong.

May there be peace, hope and love in our "SAGA world" this holiday season!

Happy Christmas!
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