SAGA 2012 - A year full of HISTORY!

SAGA 2012 - A year full of HISTORY!

Beitragvon Tillmann » Mi Feb 22, 2012 12:56 am

Iron Maiden just announced a special tour, named "Maiden England", and will play all the classics of the Maiden England live album.

What about a tour called "(Still) In Transit - 30 Years"!!! ??? It's in Transits 30th b day this year. Also we have 35 years SAGA... Another reason to dig out some old diamonds and get them on stage...

Maybe a co headliner tour with Styx???

Come on, fasten the seatbelts of your Delorean and do something epic! :happy:

Next year we'll have 15 years of Security... Time to get the acoustic guitars back on stage, he? ;)

And what about a MINI lightwall, maybe 3x3 meters? Just as little reference to SAGAs most famous stage show back in '83...? A little stag between drums and keys, 2 NIKE wristbands and a portable keyboard? ;)

What? Critics sometimes say that SAGA have stuck in the 80's??? SO WHAT?! It's better this way, than to forget or ignore the own roots (for example: Marillion anno 2011).

Is this little case with the drums inside still alive? ;)

Ahh, and in the background of the stage (in case that the MINI lightwall won't work) some old pictures, beamed at the stage...

Oh, I have it all in my head, "30 Years - (Still) In Transit)" Tour 2012, a great setlist, packed full of 80's hits and rare songs, Ian playing a white Fender again, a portable keyboard playing the crazy Solo of Ice Nice and in the background, pictures beamed on the stage (old concert photos, record covers and SAGA Logos...

Okay, let's rent the bus, get all members, Michael's shirts and instruments over to good ol' Europe (dont forget Dean) and KICK some fucking asses over here!!!

I'll wait at the airport!
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Beitragvon kuschelhawk » Mi Feb 22, 2012 10:01 am

very nice thoughts, Tilli :D thumbs up
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