Montreal Show

Montreal Show

Beitragvon sheet of glass » Sa Sep 12, 2009 5:09 pm

Just back from Montreal. Great, high energy show. Biggest impression of the show -- other than the ususal professionalism -- the energy and enthusiasm. Jimmy doing back kicks, moving all around the stage; Rob taking command of the stage and really connecting with the audience; and Ian being Ian as only Ian can be. And of course the magnificant Jim Gilmour and crazy man Brian Doerner adding delightfully to the mix.

Biggest surprise of the show -- after following these guys since the late 70's, this was the 1st concert that I had been to where NO tunes from the 1st album were played. That really only hit me after the show. That said, the set list was excellent, and demonstres the forward-looking nature and rock-soild potential of the band (see below).

The audience packed the venue and sang along to many of the tunes. The acoustics were superb. All around it was another great Saga night.

The Human Condition
Wind him up
Careful where you step
You were right
On the air
Book of lies
The Flyer
Crown of thorns
Step inside
Jim Gilmour solo -- including a great intro to Scratching the surface
Let it go
Time to play
Don't be late
Encore - On the loose
Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
sheet of glass
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Beitragvon Trudes Oude Voshaar » Sa Sep 12, 2009 5:21 pm

Great to read!! thank you sheet of glass
Trudes Oude Voshaar
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Beitragvon SAGA-NORWAY » Sa Sep 12, 2009 7:17 pm

And not "You're not alone".. hmm strange.

But thanks for the review, wish I could have been there
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Beitragvon Tillmann » Sa Sep 12, 2009 8:14 pm

Sounds great! Thank you :D :hase:
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Beitragvon Pitchman in a Maze » Sa Sep 12, 2009 8:57 pm

And no 'Humble Stance'
I was shure never'll be a concert without this........

Maybe they really will chance a little bit

Strange but not bad.....
Unser Leben ist viel schwerer als das unserer Vorfahren,
weil wir uns so viele Dinge anschaffen müssen,
die uns das Leben erleichtern.
(Gabriel Laub)
Pitchman in a Maze
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Beitragvon SAGA-NORWAY » Sa Sep 12, 2009 9:34 pm

Not bad at all..


It's fun with "new" songs
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Beitragvon Tillmann » Sa Sep 12, 2009 11:03 pm

Yeah, they're really tryin' to go their very own way 8)
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Beitragvon gremmy » Sa Sep 12, 2009 11:58 pm

Does anyone have any pictures from the show?

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Beitragvon Timmer » So Sep 13, 2009 2:16 am

Oh Sweet, Sweet hot tub. What a trip! Somebody better post some pics cause there was tons of flashes going off.
BTW best show I have seen to date. How does it just keep getting better and better.
Good review at the start of this thread to which I can add nothing to improve what was said. Other than WOW!
November is comming and it's not a 3 day investment for me.
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Beitragvon kokoko864 » Di Sep 15, 2009 2:44 am

I agree with shett of glass, they were fantastic. I was at the show also and they were packed to the extreme! But I agree with Saga-Norway, I can't believe that they didn't play You're Not Alone. I couldn't wait to see that song. Otherwise it was a great show, and hopefully, probably, they'll be invited back. :rofl: :lol:
Saga kicks ass!!!
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Beitragvon sagalady » Mi Sep 16, 2009 12:48 pm

Details! Details! Details!

I'm on tour at the moment and my SAGA fix, bad!
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Beitragvon Social Orphan » Sa Sep 19, 2009 5:25 am

Not thrilled with the setlist. Too much new stuff......I don't just mean Human Condition stuff. I was hoping when Rob came on board they would venture a little more into the catalog. Saga has so much great stuff.....enough On the Air, Trust, You Were Right, Book of Lies, etc.
Social Orphan
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Beitragvon mouseinamaze » So Sep 20, 2009 2:35 pm

I see by the original post, Book of Lies, Trust and On the Air were in the setlist.
I think most bands will usually play 3-4 songs from their new album and by the look of the setlist Saga seems to be doing that as well.

Since Saga has a new singer we have to remember some songs will be more suited to Rob's voice than other's, so it's a delicate balance between their comfort zone and pleasing the audience.

Hey Harmonia, I think the Magic Bag theater would be a great place for Saga to perform at, what say you?
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the magic bag

Beitragvon Harmonia » So Sep 20, 2009 9:17 pm

I am not a expert in where Saga plays :rofl: mouse, but I did take a moment to google it. Since I have never heard of it . But reading up on it , it seems to be a small venue 300 if I remember from what it said on the Home Page. Not being in Detroit I have never been there.

It would be a intimate setting to see Saga :-8

In my humble opinion. :saga: :angel:
You look, good to Me.
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Beitragvon Tillmann » So Sep 20, 2009 9:45 pm

I think more than 300 people would not come in Detroit, please tell me if I'm wrong :hut:
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