Fragen an Rob Moratti / Questions to Rob Moratti

Fragen an Rob Moratti / Questions to Rob Moratti

Beitragvon Susi » Sa Apr 19, 2008 3:04 pm

Welcome Rob! :)
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Hi Rob

Beitragvon Oliver.Lucas » Mo Mär 30, 2009 8:54 am

Hi Rob,

what can I say - WOW!

I was REALLY unsure it it was a clever move for the Crichtons and Darryl to continue the SAGA without Michael. In fact, when I heard the stufff you did with your previous band, I was almost sure that it would not work.

Boy, have you proven me wrong!

Never have I played a new Saga CD that much after I bought it (since World's apart). AMAZING stuff! My favourite track is "Crown of Thorns".

I hope to hear a LOT (all?) of the new stuff on this tour. Saga unfortunately have a tendency to play it safe and rely on the stuff from the first 4/5 albums.

Who picks the songs for the tour by the way? Would you be allright to sing all songs or are there some you can't relate to?

Ahh, and one more question: We can hear a lot of nice vocal harmonies on the CD. How are you going to solve that on tour (Jim, Hard disk/samples, real time effects like the TC electronics stuff or just leave them out?)

I am looking forward to seing you in Oberhausen and hope that you will enjoy this trip to Germany.

Mein Lieblingstier isst Ameisen
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Beitragvon Jay » Mo Mär 30, 2009 9:27 am

Hi Rob

thanks for this music und thanks for your voice - it's great!!!!!!

Das Tragische an jeder Erfahrung ist, dass man sie erst macht, nachdem man sie gebraucht hätte :)
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Beitragvon MichaelNoi » Mo Mai 18, 2009 6:21 am

Hi Rob,
I saw 2 Saga Shows with you now and I have to say, you´re doing a really great job.
You sing the new songs as well as the old ones.
I like the new CD very much, you are a new part of the SAGA, that moves on ...I hope forever ;.)
Michael / Germany
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Beitragvon Bavaria » Di Mai 19, 2009 9:17 pm

Hallo Rob,

at first let me tell you, that I was very sceptic about the new voice from SAGA...I heard the cd several times and I must admit...some songs sound good to me...I like this music, not all, but several songs are very special. The new voice has something...I don´t know exactly what. So...I said by myself, let me go out and hear what this new singer can do with his voice live on stage.....Now, a few shows later (I started in Woergl Austria and some shows here in Germany) I must say: Wow...well done ! Rob. From show to show you get better. Here in the South of Germany we say: "passt scho".. it means, that all is ok, how it is right now...
I enjoyed these shows very much, although I really would have to hear some more new songs live.-Avalon and Now is Now- are my favorites. But I can´t have all...:-)
You are on the right way ! and it would be interesting what do you think about the shows, the fans. Maybe you will take us part to your thoughts.

I´m thankful, that the SAGA goes on.
Greeting from Munich

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